Sunday, August 13, 2006


billy, originally uploaded by jazzbiker.

Poor Billy the Kit(ten)... he was trying so hard to have his mid-morning nap.

Gotta tell you son, if you're gonna be that cute, you're gonna have your picture taken...

Sunday, July 30, 2006

power boat

power boat, originally uploaded by jazzbiker.

My sweetie took Friday off and we went to a little beach we found... a rest stop really, off the Belt Parkway at Canarsie.

I haven't seen one of these little power boats since I was a kid. This guy spent most of the time we were there working on it. All told it was in the water about 10 minutes.

You can also see how close our little beach is to the highway from this shot. :)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The boys

In repose

Sent from my Treo

I signed up to send posts to my blog from my mobile phone. It took WEEKS for the post to be acknowledged and the process to complete. Not what I'd call efficient.

By the time I got an emailed response from, I'd forgotten I'd applied and almost trashed the response as spam.

Then, logging in to 'claim' my new blog took several tries before it accepted my account, and then there was the extra step of merging the new 'mobile' blog with my regular one.

All in all, not a satisfying experience.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Jots and Tittles

Jots and Tittles is my sweetie's blog. She's been playing with her new camera and photoshop and posting stuff to her blog. I'm SO proud of her!

Monday, July 24, 2006

the mess in the middle east, (continued, alas)

I've got to say up front that I'm Jewish (also feminist, pagan, and a bunch of other things, but when the tanks start rolling down Flatbush Ave, I'm gonna be on their list, regardless of how I choose to worship, or even if I do).

That being said, I think the mess in the middle east casts enough blame on all their houses, not just the Palestinians.

And it reminds me of nothing so much as a battered child, who grows up to be a batterer, whose child then grows up to be a batterer, etc.

You can trace back centuries (millenia?) to find the original "fault" but doing so at this remove is, I believe, truly counterproductive.

The only way out of this is to adopt Michael Lerner's amazing methods, throw in a bit of Desmond Tutu's "Reconciliation" and sit on them ALL until they talk to each other.

I don't think either side is going to sit down voluntarily for talks. I think the UN has to make them do it.

YMMV (and probably does)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Billy the Kit(ten)

Billy the Kit(ten), originally uploaded by jazzbiker.

Taken with my sweetie's new camera, which I bought her so that she could put pictures of her crafts in her blog...

The camera arrived just after she left for Maryland, so I get the whole weekend to play with it... er... learn how it works :)


Now that my sweetie's got her own blog, she needs to be able to post pix of her knitting and cross-stitching and beading without having to bug me over & over until I get around to taking pictures for her.

I was musing over the cameras I saw available online and feeling frustrated that Nikon didn't have what I wanted when I realized that just because *I* have a Nikon camera doesn't mean that every camera in the house has to be a Nikon. And, because I got *really* smart, I got a Canon camera that takes the same memory card as my Nikon... so we just saved a bunch of money and the memory card I never use is now being put to good use.

And, having ordered it from Adorama Camera yesterday, which is here in NYC, the thing arrived today. So my NEXT project is to learn how to use it so that I can show my Sweetie. It's a little larger than a deck of playing cards, and has a bunch of automatic settings, so it should be fun and easy to use.

Now all I have to do is keep myself from 'borrowing' it .


After an extremely busy (and much too hot) week last week, this week proved a bit lighter on work-I-get-paid-for, giving me a bit of a breather (and a sadly lighter wallet). And today, there's just some deskwork I've got to do, making it almost a day off :)

Hey, this consulting thing is almost like being retired!

The cats, after snarling at each other this morning, are now curled up together in my recliner (leaving me only the computer chair). There are times when I'd dearly love to know what goes on in their tiny brains... and other times when I'm just as glad I don't. (Anyone remember that science fiction story where the young girl suddenly discovers what her pet bird really thinks of her? Shudder.)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

learning blogging :)

My sweetie just asked me how to put a link in her blog... so of course I had to come to *my* blog to find out how to do it...

Her blog? :)


It's way better than mine... She actually ADDS stuff to hers.

Me, I mostly post on flickr